Monday 15 May 2017

Teaching events

I'm slowly catching up with things. I have some fabulous teaching events coming up in the next two years starting with one on July the 14th to the 20th this year, at South Australian Quilt Encounter details here

This is a two day workshop where you take a photo or image and re create it using lots of scraps of fabric, you can be as accurate or as abstract as you like adding stitching and embellishments as you go. I like to add unusual objects to convey certain things. I've used press studs in the last photo to represent hay bales.

I will also be teaching a three day fabric journal workshop using recycled fabrics that we will over dye

old fabrics, recycled clothing, lace, doilies and threads are all dyed ready to use
some buttons can also be dyed too

we will make our own foam stamps that can be used time and time again, for printing on fabric or paper and can be used where ever you use commercial stamps

These are some of the fabrics waiting to be worked on now they are bound into the cover

one of the pages using lots of the dyed scraps

this page has been printed using two of my hand made foam stamps

I would love to meet you over in South Australia if you're there.
It's a great event with lots of inspiring tutors and students.

I'll be back with my August teaching event at Berry Quilting Retreat in the next post