Monday, 26 July 2010

Junk Journal workshop plus

I've started to stitch and add beads and felt motives to the piece in the previous post. I'm going to add washers and beads to the centres of the circles.

I also made some silk paper to add to my journals.

These are fabric and decorated paper pages waiting to be turned into another journal.

Above are some of the fabric stitched pages.

We've finally found a wonderful aged care facility for my eighty eight year old father. It's taken so long. He's been in hospital for over fourteen weeks. My sister and I moved him into the home last week, he has a fabulous room and the facility really  encourages family participation in all things. He's only been there a few days and we've noticed his walking has improved already. The home is close to my sister so she drops in each day to visit him. He looks rather apprehensive in this photo as he's about to leave hospital. He seems quite settled now, we just hope it lasts.

I had another wonderful group of students on Saturday attend my Junk Journal workshop. It was a hive of activity sorting and assembling junk papers and then binding them into a journal. The covers take the most time as the process involves using moulding paste and lace or stencils, this then has to dry and be painted. The results were fabulous, each one totally unique.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Play day

Last Friday I had a day off work and spent it playing in Elizabeth's studio. I've mentioned before it's like being in Aladdin's cave, such wonderful colour and beautiful artworks everywhere, including a fabulous carved piece Elizabeth had made by Robyn from Art Propelled, it was lovely to actually be able to touch the real thing, so sensuous.
Elizabeth made a gorgeous little journal while I made a very colourful piece of felt, I love being able to add scraps of this and that to add interest and texture. Elizabeth's publishing such an inspiring book about her work, with some how too's, I got to see a sneak peek, it's gorgeous, I can't wait until it's available, hopefully by the end of the year. What a fabulous inspiring day.

This is a section of the felt, it was too large to get an overall photo

Close up views

I'm now adding some hand stitching.

These are padded brooches, with leather backs, that I've made using the hand embellisher.

Now back to the felting.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Epic journal workshop

I sent off my postcard today to Sophie Munns, for her homage to the seed exhibition in Brisbane. I used watercolour paper and my hand cut pomegranate stencil. There's also some sari silk ribbon and a dictionary definition of pomegranate. It was fun to make. The exhibition starts on the 12th July.

On Saturday the 24th July I'm holding another Junk Journal workshop at my home.
There are still a few vacancies. If you'd like to attend, just email me and I'll send you the details. 
This journal is made from all recycled materials eg junk mail, envelopes, brochures, paper bags, scrap papers, gift wrap, packaging anything that can be stitched into a fabric spine. I use my journal everyday, partly as a diary and also as a place to experiment and let go. It sits on the bench in my studio waiting patiently for it's turn to be noticed. I paint lots of the pages then go back and add to them when I find something to suit. It's a great place to add those special cards and postcards that take your eye.

Here's some of the pages that are in varying stages of completion, but then what does completion mean.

I was very inspired today when I received LK Ludwig's latest book in the mail. It's fabulous, featuring all of these wonderful artists and their journals. I was thrilled to see my buddies Judy and Karen in there as well as many other wonderful blogging acquaintances. Misty, Katie and Seth are in there too. 
There's a bonus too, a wonderful journal in the back made from the printer's leftovers, what a fabulous idea.