Wednesday 27 October 2010

Mixed Media

I purchased Beryl Taylor's Mixed Media Art Quilts dvd download from Interweave over the weekend. I love Beryl's work, her fabric paper is divine. I had to have a go and below is my first attempt. I can imagine something like this as a journal cover.

The first two images are the details. The last image is the completed piece.

I also did some more sun printing.

And also some painted and stamped fabric. The last photo shows fabric that was stamped with my latest  foam stamps that I made recently.

I am planning to teach a workshop on Saturday November the 20th at home on decorating fabric using sun printing, dyes, paints and stamping. If you would like details please email me.

Monday 18 October 2010

New journal

This is a small journal that I was commissioned to make a month ago. When I say small, it's smaller than my usual size in dimensions but still very chunky. I'm in the process of making the cover and them assembling it. These are just a few images of the journal.

Seth, over at his blog The Last Page, has a weekly studio viewing happening and last Sunday Seth very kindly featured an image from my studio, you can see others too if you take a visit.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

What's in my store

I've added some new stamps and prints to my Etsy store. The mosaic image is the overall view of what's in there, then the other images are my latest stamps. I'll also be adding a small journal later in the week. Taking photos and processing them for Etsy is very time consuming, but well worthwhile.

And finally I couldn't resist taking a photo of this colourful selection in my kitchen window, the window actually looks down into my studio, but luckily you can't see the mess from here. The orchids are out of our garden, grown in pots under trees.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Sun prints

For some time now I've admired the work being produced by Elizabeth and her students making sun prints. This past weekend when our art group had a get together Julia suggested we give it a go, we weren't quite sure what we were doing so it wasn't a raging success, but then Julia found some instructions on the internet and guess what, I had some of the paints in my never ending stash. On Sunday I spent most of the day in my out door studio (the deck off my indoor studio), making sun prints and carving stamps from foam with my wood burning tool, this is definitely a job to be done outside, I even wear a mask as I'm sure the fumes would be very toxic. Below are the results.

My 'summer studio'.

I used a variety of masks including gum leaves, lace, paper doilies and felt mats.

These are the stamps.

Now back to the journal making.