Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Printing workshop

I held a printing workshop last Saturday with another fabulous group of students. There was lots of laughs and great productivity. We made foam printing plates which were then used to print various weights of paper.

These are some of the plates I made for the demo.

This is one I made after the workshop, still in it's pristine state.

These are a selection of papers waiting to have more paint added.

The plate is not so pristine now, this is a print taken from it.

These were printed onto tissue paper and given a final colour wash.

These are the wonderful students.
I always seem to be wearing black or purple, can't seem to get away from it.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Biggest journal yet

I've been busy assembling and working on the cover of my biggest journal ever. This is a commission that I've been working on for quite a few months. Just as I think I might have finished I find something else to add. Hopefully it will all be completed by next week.

These are some of the pages.

Another side view.

This is the cover. I'll have more photos when it's all complete.

I've also been making felt, it will have lots of stitching added to it.

A close up of the circles.

Now back to my journal. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, 4 July 2011

New paintings on Etsy

I've added some new small paintings to my Etsy store. I also added a journal but it sold straight away, which was wonderful, it's now winging it's way to the UK along with some sun printed fabrics.

This one's acrylic on canvas and is 8" x 8"

I always like to continue the painting around the four sides.

The Lollipop tree series are acrylic on 5" x 5" canvas. This is number 1.

Again I continued the painting around the four sides. These can be hung or stand on a shelf.

No 2

side view

No 3

side view

Thanks again for all of your lovely comments in my previous post too.
I'm still trying to find the floor in my studio after the past few hectic weeks.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors

With all of the excitement of the exhibition, I didn't find time to thank all of the wonderful staff at Cloth Paper Scissors, especially Jenn Mason, Barb Delaney and Sally Murray. They published six pages of a journal I created for their CPS fabric special - the July August edition. They were wonderful to work with, a very competent team. It was a thrill to receive CPS in the mail along with the return of my book this week.

This is the July/August issue.

This is the cover of the journal.

This shows how thick it is.

This is the spine.

Two more of the fabric pages.

And a couple more.

I've decided to keep this journal as I don't have one for myself. I'll be adding a smaller one to my Etsy along with some other things over the weekend. It needs restocking and I have quite a few things to add, I just have to find the time.

Thank you to everyone once again for your support in commenting on having seen my journal in the magazine, it's nice to know people appreciate what I do.

I'll be teaching a two day workshop making a similar journal to this one in March 2012 at the
Art is You Retreat in Sydney.

I'll also be teaching a one day workshop making a smaller decorated paper journal in April 2012 at Queen of Hearts Retreat in Melbourne