Sunday 28 November 2010

Small journal for sale

I've finally listed another small hand made journal on my Etsy store. I made it about a month ago but haven't had time to list it. I hope to have some paper and printed fabric packs available too soon.

The journal pages, most are decorated, some are plain, there are fabric, stitched elements. Some of my hand drawings and collage elements and some hand made papers from India.

A random selection of pages

The cover is hand painted and decorated, it has sari silk trims top and bottom and hand dyed lace down the sides. The inside covers are lined with fabric.

Monday 22 November 2010

Busy, busy workshop

Saturday's painted fabric workshop was a great success. The sun shone beautifully for our sun printing, after a week of rain I was beginning to wonder what Saturday would hold, but in true Melbourne style the sun came out and everything was fine.

The ladies made some wonderful paper fabric too from paper napkins and there stamps and printed fabrics where gorgeous.

Joanne and her mountain of torn napkins.

Nicky with her elephants.

Caryn's beautiful rich colours

Sue's old world look.

All heads down.

These are some of the wonderful results of their sun printing and their stamp printing.

These are the gorgeous paper fabrics.
Sorry ladies I didn't get photos of everyone's but they were all fabulous.

I was also very lucky to have one of my felt brooches added to Glass Creek textiles Etsy Treasury.
Thank You, that was very kind.

Monday 8 November 2010

Full class

The fabric workshop filled up very fast which is great news. I'm going to hold another one early next year for those who missed out. The photo below is one of the things we will be doing in the workshop, it's paper made from fabric and paper serviettes. You can stencil over it with paint, add fabric scraps to it. Hand or machine stitch it and also add beads.

These are the papers after they have dried, they are not as shiny as they look in the photos.

This is a section of one of the sheets. I stitched over the butterfly and created flowers with organza, then cut away the remaining organza to show the paper.

This section has lots of machine stitching with metallic threads.

This has lots of seed beads added.

I also made another mixed media quilt inspired by Beryl Taylor, it's not finished yet, I think it might end up as a page in a journal I've been commissioned to make.

Monday 1 November 2010

New Journal

This is my latest journal on my Etsy. I completed it a little while ago but have only just got around to photographing some of the pages. I decided to group them so each mosaic shows four double pages.

This is the cover, it has a jewellery pin attached for decoration.

These are some of the pages showing fabrics and papers.

There are lots more pages, this is just a sample. SOLD

I purchased the sari fabrics from my friend Julia she has now added some to her Etsy store. They are fabulous fabrics and Julia puts the colours together so well. They are such great value.

Our drought has definitely broken. On the 31st of October we had more rain in one day than the average total for the whole month. The weather had warmed up too so the garden has gone crazy, it looks like the tropics. That's just a snippet above of the lushness.