Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Earthquake, puppy love and etsy

Last night we were watching the 20th anniversary of Foreign Correspondent (a documentary on the ABC), seeing reports of major dramas, natural and man made, around the world when we thought we were going to be having a drama of our own. There was a huge rumbling noise, the house and windows shook, the dog went crazy. It was an earthquake, magnitude 5.3, which isn't high by some standards, but high enough when one's not accustomed to earthquakes. Bush fires are our horror, but we're used to them, this was another matter.

Today I've been adding some more hand carved stamps, lace, fabric and button kits to my Etsy.

cup and saucer stamp

abstract flower stamp
honesty seed head stamp

trees stamp
leaf stamp

rosebud stamp

multi coloured hand dyed lace pack

fabric and button kits for journal making, there are enough strips of fabric, fibres, beads and buttons to decorate the spines of at least two journals. They can also be used in collage etc.

little Charlie

puppy love.

Thanks again for visiting and for the comments on my last post, catch up soon.


Heather said...

The very thought of experiencing an earthquake, however mild, fills me with fear. So glad you are all safe. Poor little Charlie - good that he had you to comfort him and I hope you had someone to comfort you!
Love the new stamps and the gorgeous packs are just full of essence of Ro!!

Jacky said...

Charlie is gorgeous Ro...such a sweet little face and he obviously loves his mama!
Lots of colour and treasures in this post!!!

Catch up soon,

Jacky xox

Jen xo said...

cahrlkie is such a cutie :0 glad you had no damgae or injuries ro, people on the other side of town felt it here but i slept thru glad noone was hurt... love your stamps too...

Carol Rigby said...

I love the stamps but I love Charlie more he is gorgeous.

Dot said...

Charlie looks very at home on your lap Ro! My windows rattled during the earthquake and it sounded like a freight train was going past my unit...very strange feeling wasn't it? Agree with Jacky that there are lots of treasures n this post.
Dot xx

Vivienne Louise said...

Love the abstract flower one Ro! You have one cute little puppy friend too. I could take him home, though not sure my furry feline friend would like that much!

artymess said...

That's scary for you ...hope it's all settled down now ....Charlie is adorable ......x

emma-alittlebitofeverything said...

Sheesh, scary stuff! Lovely pup & beautiful stamps. I had some 'inspiration packs' left over from my workshop & thy've been v popular in the studio (when it's not deathly quiet!) A good way to pass on my huge (hoarding!) stash ;)

pascaline said...

I really like your little Charlie, so sweet with its wonderful eyes..
I would like to know its breed. May you help me?

Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Pascaline, he's a Maltese terrier cross, but not sure what with.