Monday, 27 January 2014

This and That

I've had a couple of health issues this week but hopefully they will be sorted soon. I've added another necklace and a pair of earrings to my Etsy shop this week. They are made using some of my hand made beads and some lovely beads from Carolyn Saxby and Kimberly Rogers. They are sold separately, but they do match.

we finally had to replace the timber on our back deck and decided to extend it at the same time, it will now be almost twice it's original size, can't wait until it's finished, I have to climb down a ladder to go into the back garden at the moment until the steps are made

I desperately needed more storage space in my studio and noticed this galvanised metal set of shelves just sitting outside. I brought them in, cleaned them up and glued lots of scraps of my decorated papers to them, I still have to do the uprights but they look right at home in my studio

I also decided to tidy up my reels of threads, I didn't realise I had so many.

Thanks again for taking the time to drop by and for your lovely comments, talk soon


Judy Wise said...

Sending love. That new deck is going to be fabulous.

Kristina said...
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Heather said...

Hope you'll soon be feeling better Ro and mind how you go on that ladder! What a lovely view you have over the treetops. Love the jewellery and your shelves makeover.

Jan said...

Hope the health issues have cleared up. always such a pleasure to stop in and get colorfully inspired by your blog. Leave it to you to daz up your metal shelves! Well done!