Sunday, 11 November 2007

Best scissors ever, plus this and that

I've just discovered a fabulous pair of scissors, Judy told me about them so I bought a pair from her Red velvet elements Etsy store . They are made by Tim Holtz and are incredible. I've cut all of the objects shown on my cutting board in the photo, the pieces are all metal and the really thick copper I usually have to cut with my dremel, not any more, not now have these babies, just amazing. Thanks Judy and Tim.

This is a pair of earrings to go to one of the galleries. I'm just fixing up my Pay Pal account and then I'll have some jewellery to sell in my Etsy store, hopefully by the end of the week.

This is a section of a mosaic column I have in progress at the moment, it's taken a back seat for awhile, but I hope to get back to it soon.

These are all photos of parts of my studio and some of my art materials Mary Harris nominated me some time ago to show my studio desktop. As I've already shown a fair portion of my studio recently I thought I'd just show some close up snippets. Hope you're watching Mary, sorry it took me so long.

I was also nominated sometime ago by the fabulous children's author and artist Jackie Morris or her cats actually, to state five collective nouns, I gather they relate to what I do.
Well Jackie provided the first one
a rainbow of colour, a necklace of beads, a library of altered books, a recycling of found objects and lastly a yarn of wool.
Too much thinking for this hour of the night. I would recommend a visit to Jackie's web site, she is the most fantastic illustrator and has great photos of her studio. Jackies cat's have their own blog too which is great fun for all the animal lovers.


Steph said...

Oohhhhhhhh these scissors look cool ! Love the earrings and the mosaic .. and your studio pictures! I love looking at people workspace ... one of these days i'll post a pic of mine !

Mary said...

You definatly have a beautiful work space and very interesting scissors! Thanks so much for the email.
Have a great day,

Judy Wise said...

I'm going into my studio right this minute and arrange my craft paints like you have done. That's brilliant - wish I had seen it years ago. Thanks!!

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

i want those scissors...great studio pics...please stop by my blog for another giveaway today...blessings, rebecca

Jo Wholohan said...

Hi Ro,
Love your work of late!!! Do you find your acrylics store well on their side like that??? I love the way they look that way :)
Ps hope this isnt a silly question LOL

Julie H said...

Oooh I do want some of those scissors - and now you have convinced me I need them, I think they will have to go in my next order from Judy.

Fantastic earrings!


Karen Cole said...

I need you to come over right now and me organize. No wonder you are so prolific.....and colorful. So many colors at your beck and call.

You will not see mine until I clean up a bit. :-)

Stephanie said...

Great to know about these scissors...always on the lookout for a good pair!

Really enjoyed the look around your studio...fabulouse inspiration around every bend!!

jo said...

Those scissors sound amazing, will have to get myself some of those!!
Love the pics of your very organised studio, and your Michael De Meng class pieces look fantastic. I really love the pez with the hand.
Love Jo xoxo

Judy said...

Bl--dy awesome scissors aren't they!!!
Your studio looks superb!

katie said...

oooooh, your studio is so beautiful and artful and tidy. i agree with judy, i love how you've arranged your paints, brilliant indeed, and i just bought a wooden containor that will work perfectly i think to arrange mine as well. beautiful earrings and i'm lusting after those scissors.
xo katie

Becky Mairi Farrell said...

Fantastic earrings! I'm so envious of your studio. I'm in a 1 bedroom flat and have to make all my art in the lounge, which is also my office as well! Those scissors look great, I want some now!

Anonymous said...

Yay for posting studio pics. I love seeing where the magic happens. I think I may have scissor envy. (what gauge is the copper sheet??)

Linda O'Neill said...

Love the scissors...nothing like a good pair of scissors. Always love seeing your workspace too,'s so cool!


Thanks for showing thses pictures!

Jen Crossley said...

You have been a busy bee Ro, the studio looks amazing.I have those scissors and they are too die for

Anonymous said...

hi ro
not sure how else to get in touch with you. you mentioned using teabags in your work at one stage. are there particular teabags you use and is there a particular way to take them apart. thanks again for sharing work with us.

Anonymous said...

Aaahh! You're brilliant! Paint bottles stored on their sides. No more knocking over the wrong bottles when looking for colors. So simple - I'm going to rearrange right now. This is one of the reasons I love seeing other people's studio space - creative, inventive solutions to problems.