Saturday, 9 June 2012

This and That

It's been cold and wet this past week, not the ideal conditions for toilet training Charlie, but we're slowly getting there. He's really made himself at home now. I'd forgotten what it's like to have a puppy in the house. Everything chewable has to be put out of his reach.

I've managed to make another couple of necklaces, this is one of them. It has a resin bezel with vintage Japanese paper embedded in it, soldered china, hand made fabric beads and an old belt buckle as the clasp.

This is an altered book I've been working in. The book's long and narrow. The photo of the birds was in the book in black and white so I've added colour

This is a larger book that I'm altereing. They are both class samples for a workshop I'll be teaching shortly, at home.

More pages in the narrow book.

More pages in the larger book.

Thanks again for visiting and a big thank you to those who have left comments, they'r much appreciated.


Lynn Cohen said...

I just love wandering down your pages of your blog Ro. The colors always delight me no end. The jewels, the art pages, the framed art, or not framed art too...that cute doggie...your classes in action, art shows, sold paintings, so exciting to see. And again, the COLORS and TEXTURES...a treat for my eyes!!! Thank you! Happy creative weekend wishes.

Heather said...

Oh how I would love to come to your altered book class - your examples are gorgeous and I love the necklace too.
Good luck with Charlie. There is nothing like a puppy for making you really tidy!!
Strange how we are both having similar weather yet have very different seasons.

Carol Rigby said...

Your pages look a treat all the layers of patterns and colours are beautiful.

deb said...

again your color and texture are so beautiful. Your work is amazing and I find your use of colour especially so inspiring :

Jo Murray said...

You are multi-talented Ro.

sue said...

The necklace looks great - did you have any trouble with the resin given the cold weather? Charlie is impossibly cute - bet he is great fun to have around! I really like what you have done with the birds too - a feast for the eyes as usual Ro!

Jacky said...

I know that skinny it! And all of the pages you have been working on are gorgeous.
Might have to take this workshop methinks...I want to learn how to do those beautiful covers!

glad little Charlie is settling in well.

Jacky xox

ArtPropelled said...

We do forget what it's like to have a pup in the house! Mine is almost a year and shows no sign of ever growing up. Life is one long romp!
I'm drawn to the tall thin book and love what you've done with the birds

Elizabeth said...

I always can get a great dose of color and inspiration when I visit your blog!!! Lovely work Ro!! Have fun with Charlie!!!

Emma said...

Lovely books, adorable pup & what a wonderful space for your exhibition, I loved wandering around such a diverse but complimentary collection of work. So glad you had success, too!

Judy said...

You have been very busy Ro, your narrow altered book is beautiful as are the sample books for your workshop. How do you manage so much while training a puppy?

Rosie said...

Just LOVING the book pages - they're so inspirational. Puppies are hard work but adorable aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Love that necklace Ro. I have been looking at you tube videos using resin and bezels for jewellery.I think it could quickly become addictive.
Love your book.

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

WOW I'm fascinated, the pages are so beautiful, all the patterns textures and colors, really awesome.Necklace is also very beautiful. Have fun with the little dog.

Anonymous said...

Faith, who is now 7, took forever to toilet train - worst dog I have ever had, and I have had a few. She really didn't seem to get what the problem was, then one day it was like a light bulb went off in her head. Now she is totally bullet-proof. Hang in there ;-)

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Ro
Thanks for visiting and leaving such an encouraging comment! I will certainly be out of my comfort zone for a while yet. Love that necklace - simply gorgeous - I will be looking much closer now and appreciate more what you create! Love the second image of this journal too - the colours merge and blend so well.
Keep warm by cuddling little Charlie - he's a real sweet thing!
x Suzy