Wednesday 28 August 2013

Finished at last

I've finally finished my latest commissioned journal, it's taken awhile as two of my grandchildren have been sick with bronchitis and I've been looking after them both whilst my daughter's been back at university. It's hard to find time to create when they have both been so ill. They're on the mend at last so hopefully I'll be back to my usual routine next week.

the cover

a few of the pages above.

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Heather said...

Do hope your grandchildren will soon be back to good health. Bronchitis can be very nasty.
This journal looks so beautifully fat and full of lovely things. The new owner will love it.

Linda Vincent said...

A joy to behold! (And hold....I should imagine :-)
Well done again Ro.

Maggi said...

Good to her that your grandchildren are recovering,always a worry when children are ill. Another lovely journal

Unknown said...

Aren't we so lucky to be able to take care of our grandchildren when they need us the most? We live on the same property as our three grandsons. They always come to our wee house for afternoon soon as they get home from school and I just love their company. The twins are now 15 and their little brother is 12. I thought they would stop coming over as they got older but they just bring their friends with them!
The journal is as wonderful as all the rest. What a talented lady you are!

suziqu's thread works said...

A beautiful piece of artwork Ro and achieved under very difficult circumstances with your dear little sick grandkids.
Well done!

Toody said...

Just "SEW" wonderful Ro! Your colours are exquisitely vibrant, as I imagine you to be! Here's trusting your Grandkids are now well on the mend and you can get back to your brilliant creativity - not that looking after Grandkids isn't important - on the contrary - who better than a loving Granny to help you and look after you on your road to recovery? Please may I ask a question? Do you use cardboard in your book covers and individual pages or is your fabric just sewn together? I'm keen to begin such a book, but am at quite a loss as to know when and how to start. Do you have a Questions and Answers page, I wonder? Warm greetings from Cape Town, South Africa from Toody