Sunday, 22 September 2013

Decorated papers and last chance to sign up

I've been busy making more decorated papers for my next batch of journals. These were made using mainly my own hand carved stamps and stencils, found objects and the Gelli plate. I used A2 paper and overlapped the designs for added depth and layers. 
I hope to have some more hand made spiral journals in my Etsy shop shortly.

this was made using an egg carton that holds 15 eggs, its a smaller design than the dozen egg pack.

this one was using my hand made foam stamps building up layers

I used a plastic cake plate that came on the base of a cake from the supermarket and a sunburst stencil

this was a combination of a few of my hand made foam stamps
I use a variety of paints but I LOVE the Golden fluid acrylics, they're so intense and some are very transparent.

Don't forget this is the last week you can sign up to 21 SECRETS. It's all about journalling, so much information and so many great videos. 21 teachers for a special price of $49

Check it out HERE

Thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely comments.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous papers!

Heather said...

Your papers are stunning - the colours are glorious and your use of found objects for creating the designs is so innovative. My next lot of shopping will be governed by supermarket packaging!

Seth said...

Stunning sheets Ro. And I totally agree with you about Golden Fluid Acrylics. They are my favorite.

Jan said...

Beautiful papers! So much depth already.
I signed up for the 21 secrets classes at full price back when it first opened and it was worth every penny then! Such wonderful inspiring classes with great instructors including Ro. If you are debating about joining up, I'd highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

fabulous- I have used the package that hot barbecued chickens come in-it looks like honeycomb.
But my work pales in comparison to yours- I am in awe!

Summer said...

I want to sign up for 21 Secrets but have some questions. Does the workshop consist of 21 videos--one by each of the featured teachers? And, the description says it starts in April 2013. Does that mean we have only three months to watch the 21 videos? I'd love to have more information on how the program works. Many thanks, Valerie AVLVAL at

Healing Woman said...

All of the papers are wonderful. They are so earthy and vibrant at the same time.

Paper rainbow said...

These papers are so gorgeous, Im always looking for paper inspiration for my collages, lovely to find your blog!

jackie said...

Lovely colours. I've been recycling plastic packaging and have a post in draft about it. The only problem is finding the space to keep it all.