Sunday, 18 December 2011

Jewellery for a change

I've finally got around to finishing some jewellery and adding it to my Etsy store. These pieces are all one of  kind, I never make two the same. The fabric beads are all made by me as are the soldered pieces of china. I've also made the components that make up the pieces. The lengths can be adjusted by putting the hand made hook into any of the loops on the chain, making the pieces very versatile.

The finished necklace. SOLD

a vintage brass boot charm that was a very old button, an opening brass locket and a lovely old amber coloured globe that I've wired with brass wire.

the locket closed

repurposed jewellery

repurposed jewellery, a very old army brass button, a vintage blue button and a very old bead from Africa

SOLD - Thank you
This is another necklace, it can be worn long or shortened by putting the hook into any of the chain links.

the brass circle swivels and is from a lamp fitting, the main bead is ceramic

I've soldered a piece of china and drilled a hole then added an eyelet, I've done the same for the beach glass.

this necklace also features one of my hand made fabric beads

the five drops of the necklace, it's very comfortable and easy to wear

This is the third necklace, again it can be worn long or shortened by putting the hand wired hook into one of the links of the chain.

I used a brass keyhole plate for the main feature, it has mica in the actual key hole to protect the art deco flower graphic, which is glued to the inside of the copper back of the piece 

This shows the oxidized copper back that has been riveted to the brass front piece. There are brass spacers to separate the two pieces of metal. 

another soldered piece of china, a very old key, a vintage button and one of my hand made fabric beads.

You can just see the brass spacers in this view. There are also semi precious stones, crystal beads and a very old African bead.

I have one more to be added to my Etsy tomorrow.


Penney said...

Gorgeous pieces! You do such fabulous work!

Heather said...

I love all the components of these necklaces Ro and you make such good use of all those precious little bits and pieces. It's a great idea to have the possibility of varying the length of each necklace.

deb said...

wow! those are so eclectic and really amazing - very stylish indeed!

Jen xo said...

oh ro they are to die for....loving the soldered china. My fave necklace is one i bought in QLD last year made from blue and white ming China,its a bit scary wearing it tho :)

they will go like hotcakes :)

Julie said...

Sucha ebautifull necklace Ro, I love the re-use of so many lovely pieces.

Elizabeth said...

Love all of your unique special touches!! love how you use that lamp finial piece!! Pure Brilliance!!!!

Carey Wright said...

Luv 'em!

Emma said...

That amber globe is delicious, & the rivets! The rivet in the sea glass, specially, & the fabric beads...wish I was nearer for a class! Such generosity in each piece, too.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work! Love all the details up close. Makes it hard to resist!